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SO helpful!

SO helpful!

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Riding Playlists


I like to keep the music I teach to pretty relevant. It seems like lately I’ve been listening to a bunch of Edward Maya and Enur, a bunch of Greek and Italian house music trance stuff, it’s pretty out there but seems to go over well with the group. 

Ever been to one of your gym’s spin classes? What’d you think of the music?



Okay. Seriously. I want to be in the mind of the people who makes these. So great!!

I always think of Shelly when I see these. : ) 

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When the evening shadows

and the stars appear

and there is no one there to dry your tears

I could hold you for a million years

to make you feel my love



I’m not who I was

I’m not who I will be

Nor will I be your crutch

your sanctuary

and hiding place

but I will be another word



pretentious call

in the middle of the night

in the middle of class

in the middle of nothing and

in the middle of anything

I’m not who I was then

I’m not who I am now

Just a lonesome sailor

Casting my canvas to stronger winds

Expecting mightier blows

Looking forward to suffocated caution

Anxious for adventure, risk, and purity. 

I’m not who I am now

I’m not who I will be

in your eyes

only equal unmet expectations

of an infamous business man

coming home to a red door

a pie in the oven

and a nest full of regret

I’m not who I will be

neither is anyone

Stubbornly, consistently on you

So, imagine.

risk. explore. sail.

Beyond native waters

into immersed pools of dark blue

vast beyond comparison

yet comforting beyond all the vast.